Megan and Arnold: A Match from the Start

Megan’s Story:

I just moved to Nashville from New Jersey and wanted to find ways to meet new people and continue hobbies, as I like being outside and I volunteered for an animal rescue group in NJ.

Before I left, a friend tagged me in an article about Tails of the Trail.

I quickly looked up the organization and knew I had to get involved! The whole idea of Tails of the Trail is so smart, and you can see a difference in the animals after you walk them.

I signed up for my first event with the group in November and went to Cheatham County Animal Shelter. We were given a really friendly, informative introduction about how to handle the dogs, and I met a lot of very nice volunteers. There is a lot of care and effort on the volunteers’ part and the event was super well organized. You could see that the dogs were having the best day ever, especially after the walk when they were given puppy popsicles – so sweet!

The second dog I walked that day, named Arnold, was an absolute sweetheart.

He was a little shy with me and had some serious skin issues that needed to be addressed. He reminded me of my family dog at home who we rescued and had similar issues.

I inquired about Arnold and ended up going back to the shelter the following Monday to hang out with the little guy. He wasn’t available for adoption until he was neutered, so I spent a little over a week walking and playing with him each day. As soon as he was neutered and cleared to go home, I adopted him!

He’s recovering from his skin infection and is still rocking a cone of shame, but he could not be happier. His personality totally blossomed and now he loves playing with toys and is a total mush. He also celebrated his first Thanksgiving with my family and our dogs, and absolutely loved it.

I definitely have to thank Tails of the Trail for not only hosting a great event, but for introducing me to little Arnold!

I look forward to doing more events with the group and I love having my new little buddy!


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